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Nov. 10 & 11, 2017 – Seattle, WA


Welcome to the 2017 NW Mixer! This year, the Washington State Biomedical Association (WSBA) and the Oregon Biomedical Association (OBA) are joining forces to host the Northwest HTM Mixer, proudly supported by TechNation.

Each year WSBA and OBA host individual conferences with excellent attendance and vendor support, but for this year, both associations felt a combined event would best serve their members and their corporate sponsors. As a result, the dates of November 10-11 have been selected and the venue will be the beautiful Hyatt Regency in downtown Bellevue, Washington.


Saturday 9am-10:15am


DNV Accreditation – Combining ISO and Medicare conditions to focus on patient care

Presented by: Randall Snelling

This session will focus on issues facing HTM staff in DNV GL client hospitals, including:

  • The effect of the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard on the controls of medical equipment
  • Latest examples of NIAHO®- required process management in addressing equipment control challenges:
    • AEM … a DNV GL-inspired innovation in accreditation
    • 100% of equipment must be maintained or controlled
    • Traceability of calibrations
    • Med Equipment Mgmt. relationship to Infection Control
    • Staff Competency/training records
    • Clinical staff training on equipment
    • Controls of doctor -owned and rental equipment
    • Control of nonconforming equipment
  • The most common NIAHO® Medical Equipment Management survey findings from the past two years
Randall S. Snelling

Randall S. Snelling

Director of Operations DNV GL - Healthcare

Randall “Randy” Snelling is the Director of Operations at DNV Healthcare, Inc.   He is responsible for oversight of DNV Healthcare Accreditation and Certification surveyors and associated activities. Randy’s responsibilities include ensuring surveyor staff maintain competency in all areas of their respective disciplines, be it PE specialist, Generalist and /or clinical. He has had an integral role for the development of the NIAHO℠ Accreditation Program under deeming authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and is responsible for Physical Environment standards, interpretive guidelines, and comprehensive survey process.

Randy has more than 2 decades of experience in various roles related to Accreditation and Certification of hospitals and hospital departments. In this time, he has worked directly with CMS staff including a robust involvement in the discussions to allow AEM in the management of medical equipment maintenance in hospitals.

Randy’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education from the University of Louisville, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, and numerous certifications in the maintenance and building industries. He is an experienced speaker who has presented at numerous state and national conferences for over a decade across the USA.

Saturday 10:45am-12pm

Pronk Technologies – Is the Medical Device Really Ready to Go Back to the Clinical Department?

This 55-minute presentation will give attendees a chance to better understand test equipment specifications that are used for maintaining and calibrating medical devices. Attendees will have a chance to review examples of actual device manufacturer testing requirements and compare them to specifications of commonly used test equipment. Through this comparison you will learn how to determine if an analyzer or meter actually meets the manufacturer’s requirements, and if not, how much error could be introduced into your testing.

Technical Prospects – Image quality and the Imaging chain – a service perspective.

What is image quality and how is it affected? Learn to identify the components that comprise the imaging chain, understand the importance of the difference service tests/verification & adjustments that we do and their influence on the various items in the chain, and the importance of the system specification sheet and how it relates to preventive maintenance and the imaging chain.

Spacelabs Healthcare – Managing Workplace Conflict

Participants will learn techniques for diffusing and managing workplace conflict using empathic listening and “I” message skills. Instruction will include case study examples , i.e., typical conflict scenarios between Biomeds and Nursing Staff, nurses and patients, etc.

Philips Healthcare – Patient Monitoring and Security in a Connected Environment

A presentation and discussion on how patient monitoring landscape has changed and how we adapt. The Stringent protocols and policies that demand a proactive approach to security.

Saturday 3-4:15pm

Summit Imaging – Understanding Perceptions in Modern Communication

This course will discuss the process of interpretation during communication based on the filters created from prior experiences and cultural norms. Attendees will understand the use of perceptual filters to help reduce uncertainty and improve clarity in communications.

Fluke – Why Metrology Matters in MDQA

This presentation will provide the definition of metrology, uncertainty of measurement, and traceability and address the importance of good metrology to patient risk reduction.

The presenter will also review proper documentation of measurements made during calibration, verification, and documentation.

Spacelabs Healthcare – The media. A storm. A watchdog. And a switch walk into a biomed’s office…


• The media used in networking – how and what they mean for a biomedical engineer
• Whaagya doo? What is a network storm.
• The medical device watchdog timer.
• Routing vs Switching – why layer 3 matters to every hospital and every biomed.
• Multicast 101 – IPV6 – We’re running out of IP’s and…

Each objective mentioned above will provide simulations and examples of how medical devices are affected by the fast changing world of networks and IT systems.

Conquest Imaging – Troubleshooting Techniques and Tips for the Voluson E10

This presentation will introduce the new GE Voluson E10 as it comes off the manufacturer’s warranty. This system is a favorite with sonographers and is rapidly being introduced into many hospitals and clinics. There will be a demonstration on how to back up the configuration, as well as a hands-on training showing how to access key portions of the system. Preventative maintenance procedures will also be addressed.


Acertara Acoustic Laboratories
AllParts Medical
Amico Corporation
BC Group International
Cadex Electronics
Conquest Imaging
Draeger Inc.
Elite Biomedical Solutions
Exclusive Medical Solutions
Fluke Biomedical
Innovatus Imaging
Interstate All Battery Center
MW Imaging

NW Medical Associates LLC.
Pacific Medical
Pronk Technologies
QRS Solutions
Seattle Technology: Surgical Division
SpaceLabs Healthcare
Summit Imaging
Technical Prospects
Tri-Imaging Solutions
USOC Medical
Welch Allyn/Hill-Rom